Friday, 28 October 2011


# fansign for me. weeee~ thanks guys :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

exam exam exam

okk.. so basically final exams are coming soon and im really nervous because in 1 day i have my worst 2 subjects maths, and science. i failed every test or quiz i took in that class i got a high grade C. low grade D. i dont want to fail this final sem. 2 exam. but i really dont feel like studying anything,i really have to but i cant. OMG!


i am Lee Hong Ki's BIGGEST faan!!! I really really really love him a lot. and i really really want to meet him. does anyone know how i can meet him ? like the easiest way ? well im 14.. but i cant go to korea but in the future. LOL. and are they still making FT Island albums? cuz there hasnt been any recent ones :( where can i get an autograph from him? OHHH can i like send a picture to his company and hope for an autographed pic back? :3

HAHA ! im craaazy about him xDD 


I just want to know if everybody's weekend is as boring as mine. I live in a small district called "TAMBUNAN" in a developing country and however good the weather may be, I often end up staying home for the whole weekend, distracting myself between house cleaning and home entertainment. sometimes i'll go back to my hometown called "KOTA KINABALU" and go for a shopping with my beloved mommy. but I don't really enjoy the day :(

Saturday, 8 October 2011

about me : AUDREY :)


* i am me . DONT LIKE ? i dont caree . LMFAO!

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i just do what i want . its not about what people are saying okk . ITS ABOUT ME ! everyone cn fuck off . :DD I AM WHO I AM , YOUR OPINION ISNT NEEDED !


● my name is : AUDREY THOMAS A.
● chinese name : 欧娣雷 [ōu dì léi]
● you can call me :
     ♥ MEY
     ♥ REY
     ♥ DREY
     ♥ DIILEI [娣雷]
     ♥ AURAY
● birthday : march 2 , 1997
● blood type : B
● hometown : kota kinabalu, sabah malaysia :D
● height : 156 c m
● weight : 45 k g

hey kidss :D hmmp. my name's AUDREY ! pronounced O-Dee :P i live in a world that's not reality. i was born on 2nd march,1997 in Damai Specilist Centre Kota Kinabalu Sabah. my birthstone is a Aquamarine :) i can be a pretty fun person if u just get to knnow me. im basically just me, it's hard for me to describe myself :D studying at SMKN, the people are amazing there. i am me and that's all there is to it, shy when i first meet people and loud but only in this best possible way, random, im different, one of a kind, i'm ORIGINAL, i love all kinds of music. " IT MIGHT'VE BEEN" are words i dont wanna hear. i like taking pictures, i like going to places, i have a bad habit of biting things, like my nails :PP i like helping people when they're sad. im a bit tooo blunt, im always down for any crazy ****. im short, 156cm will be exact. i sometimes, most of the time, act like a five years old ^^ im that girl who likes everybody, is nice to everybody, and i'll do anything for those i know and a lot for thos i dont know. LOL :D love me or hate me-your choice--frankly i could care less. i hate when people talk things too far , or blow some small into something HUGE ! it's such a waste, i've had people open my eyes, and im ready to grow up and get rid of the drama :') my life will be about the things and people that i want to keep in it, if your not one of the get over it ! i've dedicated a lot time with u....then im hoping u wouldl do the same. let the lover's love and the haters hate ! what can i say ? well that's enough about me. if we're friends then u should know what i'm like :)

extra :)
I HATE </3
fish - its ridiculous, vitamin water - it tastes like armpits and all the bad things in the world liquefied, the fact i cant make maths work in my head, animals, how im always thirsty, when i cant find my socks, and when i have to get up early in the morningg.

photography, friends, taking idiotically awesome pictures, making my wall ridiculously awesome, music, PANIC at the disco, my friends all the time, disney movies, monsters, snow, the weekend, and bothering people in movie theaters.

I CAN'T </3
sing, drive, vote, dance like a non-white person, arrive on time, play sports, or do homework in a timely fashion.

hoola-hoop ridiculously well, write fairly well, scream, whisper, laugh at myself, laugh at you, remember your birthday for years to come, be ur buddy, snap my fingers, whistle(not well), and wash my own clothing with shrinking it - and DUDE, that's an accomplishment.